Help i cant get to my bios menu

ok so i just built my new computer put it all together and everything works on it and when i went to the bios menu it didnt go to it and just sent me to the screen to install my os and i got a xp os and tried to install it but it didnt work and i know that my cd-rw drive works but idk what to do my motherboard is working and everything else is good

heres my specs

i got a azza helios 910 tower

tx650w powersupply

asus m4a785-m motherboard

radeon hd 4670 video card

dvd/cd rewritable drive

and a 2.8 amd athlon II multicore processor
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  1. tap the delete key when the machine turns on.

    bios keys are as follows compaq / hp - f10
    asrock ( part of asus ) - f2

    dell - either f1, f2 or del key

    anyone else - delete / del key - not backspace
  2. really mine is the tab key for the bios and the delete key for the setup and ive pressed tab at the right time and it wont go any where i havent put the os on it yet because it wont allow me for some reason but i guess on the type of mb i have i got a jumper on it that wont allow me to go to the bios menu so im going to try that in the mean time anyone got anything to tell me that might work tell me..
  3. delete gets you into the bios on that board according to the manual - here -
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