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I just built my first HTPC. I am an experienced IT tech and have been doing my homework so I might already know the answer but I'm hoping someone can give me another suggestion. Here's hoping someone else has experience with the motherboard on-board HDMI I am using. here are the parts:

Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II 245 2.9ghz
Patriot 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz
AVerMedia AVerTV H788 Bravo Hybrid TV Tuner

Yamaha rxv1900 receiver (3 hdmi inputs, supports all HD audio bitstreaming)

software: Powerdvd 9 ultra, Vista Ultimate

I just bought my first 2 bluerays to go with this system. XMen: Wolverine and Star Trek Wrath of Khan.

For now I am using the on-board motherboard HDMI cable for both audio and video. I will eventually buy a video card that supports bistreaming HD audio to the receiver via HDMI. Until then, I was expecting that watching a blueray since the mobo sound card can't output HD audio, that it would output standard DD/DTS instead watching a blueray. Instead I'm getting 2 channel PCM!

Am I forced to use optical audio to get standard DD/DTS input on my receiver for bluerays? I have not tested DVDs yet but they are not really a concern, I have always had DD/DTS for DVDs, it seems like this HDMI audio is worse than using optical out???

I hope someone has a suggestion on how I can wire this to get the best audio option. I'd rather use just the HDMI for simplicity of cabling but I have plenty of extra cables laying around to use instead if there's a better option.

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    Just to check things off the list, did you install the Realtek driver for the HDMI audio? I don't mean the Realtek ALC889 that runs the S/PDIF and analog ports. It gets confusing since there are two audio chips onboard. Maybe you should disable the ALC889 while you troubleshoot.

    Go to the Realtek website and download the latest "ATI HDMI Audio Device" driver (R2.35) and install it. Then check your speaker config in VMC to make sure your speakers are setup for 5.1 surround.

    According to the MA785GM-US2H forum at, the HDMI on this board is capable of bitstreaming 5.1 DD/DTS.
  2. thank you, though I installed the HDMI and audio driver from the gigabyte website I found that the setting in vista and Powerdvd kept getting lost for bitstreaming dd/dts, so that every time I put in a movie I had to set it again (blueray, dvd, etc) when I was testing last night.

    removed those drivers and installed them from the realtek website and now it is holding the setting and I've happily got DD/DTS back for now (until hopefully those ATI 5xxx cards come out with a single slot version).


    I am sorry but for some reason I am unable to click the "best answer" for your advice, I am just getting "error on page", but it's appreciated.
  3. I'm glad you got it working. I'm also waiting eagerly for the cheaper HD5xxx cards to come out to get HD audio bitstreaming. It's too bad there isn't an integrated chipset that can bitstream HD audio. Maybe in 2010...
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