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SOYO Dragon2 KT880 Motherboard


Epox EP-8RDA6+PRO Motherboard
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  1. What processor?, what RAM?, what budget?
  2. The max is Athlon XP 3200+ clocked as high as you can get it.

    the Epox maxis out with 3Gb 400MHz
    the KT maxis out with only 2
    I don't think type of mem will play any roll if they are tested with the same.

    due to memory limitations I think Windows XP would be as high as I would go.

    budget....what budget.... :kaola:
  3. what budget for the mobo?
  4. Sorry, I was trying to sarcastic.. :lol:

    there is no budget, if I need it I just buy it. plane and simple :sol:
  5. Soyo, the other brand is unknown for me.
  6. saint19 said:
    Soyo, the other brand is unknown for me.

    why? did you ask all those questions and waste my time if you did not even know the other brand...
    you should not have posted anything...... :non:
  7. Because with A BUDGET, I will recommend to you anothe brand like ASUS, Giagabyte or MSI...those are very good brands.
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