Gigabyte EP43-US3L rev. A3


I got the BSOD just a few minutes ago and i googled the BCCode, which was 124, and id said it had something to do w/ the mother board drivers.

how do i know what version my drivers are?

if some1 could check my .dmp file to see what the error really was, id be very thankful. (id email it to you since i cant attached files here)

minor info:

i was playing bad company 2 when i got the BSOD

i didnt install any new softwares or hardware

this is the first time i got the BSOD since a reformatted my pc bout 2 months ago

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  1. What's your system, Intel? Error 124 could mean the vcore or vtt are wrong.
  2. Hi.

    List all the specifications of your rig, because with only the code error we don't give you any advice.
  3. Gigabyte EP43-US3L
    Intel 4400 OCed to 3.0
    2 80GB seagate baracuda(IDE)
    1 500GB seagate baracuda(SATA)
    1 XFX HD5770 1GB
    2 x 1gb Xtreem-Dark-1066
    1 External LG DVD-ROM
    Silverstone ST60F
  4. Try reducing the OC or giving a bit more voltage (don't exceed the max voltage supported by the CPU) and keep an eye on the CPU temperature.
  5. oh yeah, my idle temps on my cpu are 39 on both cores, while playing bfbc2 it didnt go over 60.
  6. The problem could be the temps, are very high for the Intel processor. Like mosox says, return your CPU to stock and test your system with bfbc2 or prime96 (for at least 3 hours)
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