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Hey I heard windows 7 supports multi GPU's. Wondering if this has been confirmed and would the differant gpu chipsets work together? like a gtx 275 and a gtx 260 for example.

for those who looked into the Hydra tech coming out for Mobo's , does the windows 7 multi GPU work like that or will that be better? sorry for all the questions but didnt see alot of info on it and most people dont know much about it
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  1. a gtx 275 and a gtx 260 can run on the same machine... but they can't be SLI-ed. They can be used to support multiple monitors, or a one can be a dedicated Physx card.
    In Win 7 its supposed to work 'better' than XP or Vista.

    As for Hydra, its a hardware based support, while Win 7 is a software based support. So their just different. I'm not aware of any tests done to compare the two.
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