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Hello guys, I just installed Window 7. Once I installed every drivers. The problem is that the text is blur and not sharp (as I'm typing). I took 3 hours looking online and still can't find the method to solve the problem (ClearType, Sharp edge, etc.) Is it possible to make it sharp like Window XP?

Here's my specs.

AMD II x4 955
HD 6870
ASRock M3A770DE mobo

using HDMI-HDMI cable to connect from PC-HDTV (Sylvanina 19" 1080i)
The resolution I tried was 1920x1028 (Sharper text, but when I went on Skype, other software that cannot be zoom, I can't even read the text... it too small) and currently at 1280x720 (Blurry and give me an headache....)

Here's the picture if you can't imagine what Im talking about. Thanks

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  1. ohhh sad man
    i have 17" LCD(SQUARE) and when i use 1024*768 res then things get blur like your
    so i tried recommended res=1280*1024 and everything is fine
    try recommended resolution
  2. well, 1280*720 is actually a recommended res.... so I have no where to go right now... LOL
  3. man right click on your desktop then goto "screen resoulution" and choose the recommended resolution
  4. as I told you, I am currently on the 1280*720 (which is the recommended res.) and the problem still exist... :(
  5. thats sad gonna google and tell u what i will find
  6. Can u turn clear type on? Type "clear type" in the start search box and follow the prompts...

    TV is not optimized for close up viewing, like monitor is.
  7. I told you, I tried every possible direction... but no luck... i should try DVI-HDMI... I'll let you guys know what happen
  8. Hey there, you could try resetting the monitors display settings... I mean using some button(s) on the monitor. Had that kind of blurring at the PC at work and putting the monitor on "Auto" setting sorted that out.
    Hope this helps!!
  9. Try other HDMI cable too.
  10. Try advanced system settings>click settings under performance>untick smooth edge of screen font

    Oh, wait you already tired that.
  11. It could be 'cause you're looking at an interlaced picture - Progressive scan ensures that your TV refreshes every pixel shown simultaneously. Does it help if you run your TV with 720P resolution, even though it's not the native resolution?

    Alternatively you can go to the Control Panel, under the "fonts" or "text" menu (sorry my Windows is not in English, so I'm not sure about what the menu is called) you can adjust Windows textsize. Standard is 100% but you can choose 125% or 150% as well.
  12. Thanks for all replied guys. Problem solved (at least) when I'm using RGB-RGB cable. however, there is no sound... so what I do is plug both HDMI-HDMI and RGB-RGB and then when I'm serving web, im using channel PC (RGB-RGB, Sharp text, Great Graphic, no sound). when im playing game, I m using channel HDMI (Blurry text, Great Graphic, HD Sound), is there any I can do to have sound available on RGB-RGB?
  13. Use the green 3.5mm audio jack?
  14. From Tv-Pc??
  15. Well, do you have computer speaker? If you do, just plug them into the green hole.

    If not, use a 3.5mm stereo audio jack to white/red rca audio adapter and plug stereo audio to green hole. Connect the white/red rca to TV sound input.
  16. I am having the same problem only with HDMI though, DVI works fine, My monitor is a ASUS VS Series VS228H-P Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor
    and clearly supports HDMI, I thought it was a driver issue, but I found out after the 3rd driver update that it might not be, HDMI cable offers superior HD graphics, so I would really like to use it. I am still scratching my head as I really want to upgrade to HDMI instead of DVI.
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