Win7 or Mac Snow Leopard?

Planning on building a pc for music production (recording, editing, mixing, mastering)..

Which OS will be better? Windows 7 or Mac OsX Snow Leopard?
I havent tried either OS yet, but i have used Vista and Leopard..

the recording software on Vista bogs down my comp. thats the only thing im afraid of with Win7 being so new, but the same could apply with Snow Leopard. im just not sure. Any suggestions/recommendations?
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  1. If you go with a good I7 build and windows 7 then it shouldn't be a problem for you. I tend not to like Macs as everything about their hardware is proprietised and if you think of taking it apart in any small way voids the warranty. Also, you can get a PC machine twice/three times the power of a Mac for the same price.

    Still, this is the biased opinion of a PC lover....
  2. Snow leopard didn't bring much to the table, thus selling for $29.99 instead of a full OS price.

    Anyways Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard.

    Windows 7 for music production:
    * Variety of programs to use. you got FL studio, Cakewalk, CS4 (windows native) etc etc
    * Uses less resources then Vista.
    * not sure how your going to get OSX on a PC....

    Snow Leopard:
    * Limited Variety, however the software that is available are top notch.
    * Uses less resources, but also has less features (security mainly) then Windows 7.
    * Limited hardware compatability.
    * You need to use Apple computers, since they dont allow legal installation on other computers.
  3. If you really want to get Mac on installed on a PC its pretty easy if you just follow the guides posted over at . I would definitely recommend getting a hardware that is proven on the forums to work well in OSX though.
  4. It is also highly illegal.
  5. AsAnAtheist said:
    It is also highly illegal.

    WElll in my mind it aint no more illegal the Apple putting it on theirs. The license says you cant put it on non apple branded hardware. The only thing branded Apple on a Apple is the Case!! All the other parts come from other various companies like Foxconn, Nvidia, and so on.

    I run Windows 7 and Snow leopard on our PCs, I find myself using most of the time, just because theres so many more Apps available.
  6. it kinda depends,
    i would personally recommend you building a pc with win 7

    if you dont like building or dont know how to,

    go for a new 27" iMac (the one that include the core i5)

    if you want to know how to build a comp,
    i recommend this guide
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