Cannot download windows xp service pack 1

I ran the restore disk on my 2002 model laptop. Afterwards I tried to update the XP operating system to the latest service pack only to find out that install service pack 3, service pack 2 has to be installed, and to install service pack 2 either service pack 1 or 1a has to be installed. I cannot get service pack 1 or 1a to install. I keep getting cannot connect to server. Can anyone tell me where I can find a download for these service packs that will work?
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  1. You can slipstream your basic Windows XP with Service Pack 3 to create a bootable installation CD with Windows XP + SP3. Autostreamer or nLite will do the trick.. autostreamer is very simple to use and nLite a bit more complicated because of the many options it includes to create a custom installation CD. Both applications include the necessary instructions.

    Autostreamer 1.0.33


    btw; you can use the slipstreamed CD to do either a repair installation or clean installation.
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