Ati radeon 3650 tv signal problem


I have put together an HTPC with an ATI Radeon TV Tuner HD Video card (512meg).

It works find with the DVI output to my computer monitor, but when I use the HDMI output to my HD TV and I boot up the pc the TV screen blacks out after the Windows startup screen. Then I get a "No Signal" message a few seconds later.

My TV is a Philips 32" 1080P HD LCD which has a setting for "PC" for individual HDMI ports.

What would make the screen go blank right after startup begins?'

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  1. Hmmm... just to eliminate the monitor as a cause, can you try using a HDMI-DVI adapater with your monitor, then connect to the display still via DVI?
  2. Problem solved: I had to have both the TV and the Monitor connected at the same time. TV to the HDMI and monitor to the DVI connection. Then working with the monitor select the TV as in Display Properties.

    I assumed that the computer would just send a signal through the HDMI connection since that was the only port with a display. I guess XP is not that smart.
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