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I know it's been asked but I really don't know where to look at what's current. Between all the top brands (sony, toshiba, samsung, panasonic, etc) what is the best hdtv for computer desktop (office, browsing etc) and gaming? I've heard that previous generations of hdtv's just weren't sharp enough for daily use on the desktop. has that changed?

samsung LED's a good fit for desktop use? Sony?

help, no idea where to start or to investigate
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  1. I got a Sharp Aquos LC52D65U. try to get yourself the LC52E77U or better.
  2. HDTV 1080P will be 1920 x 1080. Regardless of the screen size. Sharpness should not be an issue, unless you sit too close to a very large screen.

    For gaming, look at plasma in the larger(>50") sizes. in smaller sizes look for units with the best motion blur cancelling features.
  3. i really like the thin LED's of sony and samsung...any gaming or pc use experience out there?
  4. i wound up getting the Sony KDL-40XBR9

    i love it so far
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