Looking to liquid cool my GTX 470's in SLI

I'm in the process of liquid cooling my 470's with aquacomputers waterblocks,which are on the way. I'm new to the world of liquid cooling and could use some advice.My motherboard is asus's sabertooth 990fx with an AM3 socket which will also be in the loop. I use slots 1 and 3 for my cards (asus recomendation) which leaves the pci slots inaccessible. Not sure which connections I need to connect the two blocks using slots 1 and 3. Also could use some advice on fittings required so I don't have to have multiple shipments. thanks.
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  1. check to see if you get fittings with the parts you ordered. i got lucky. my rad, cpu block, pump, gpu universal block....all came with 1/2...im waiting on my second rad and reservoir so far it looks like i need to buy 2-4 90 degree fittings on my own. the 2 blocks could work with fittings they came with and 2 inches of hose. buy 10ft uv and messure twice cut once.
  2. You can either use SLI bridge connections for the slot differences, or use fittings and tubing...either one works.
  3. After doing some more reading I get the sinking feeling the aquagrafx waterblock I got for my cards may not fit. I just found out what "reference" refers to. Any idea if these blocks will fit on an evga 470. I only have one ordered so far.Hopefully I can cancel in time if I need to.
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