After formating a 2nd SATA hard drive the properties screen shows 0 bytes used a

Hello, I've added a 2TB for additional storage. After formatting which takes about 14 hours the properties for the hard drive shows 0 bytes used and 0 bytes available. This the second drive that behaves this way as I returned the the 1st hard drive thinking it was deffective. The computer has Windows Vista Home Basic as the OS. The orginal 160GB
was out of storage room so I want to add this second drive. I feel I must be missing a step to make the drive usable.
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  1. Does your system support 2 TB drives? It definitely shouldn't take 14 hours to format a 2 TB drive.
  2. I would try the tools that your HDD manufacture supplys.
  3. You have to initialize the HDD before formatting.

    Right-click on the drive in *Admin Tools - Storage* and select initialize - then you may perform a quick format on the drive. I would also recommend setting an additional small partition (and not assigning it a drive letter) that can be re-sized in the future if necessary.

    *Initialization* simply creates a starting point on the HDD. Without it there is no place for the formatting to actually begin (which is why your 'formatting' took so long - the HDD was not really formatted)
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