Unstable Clock Speed

Recently my clock speed has been acting pretty funny. Its been running at 787 mhz instead of 3400. Whats the deal?
When change the Setting from Auto to Manual on the clock setting in the bios it seems to run normal speed. Why wont it run normal on auto?
Help would really be appreciated

AMD 965 X4 3.4
Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H
G Skill 4 gigs
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  1. Cool n' Quiet downclocks your CPU when you're not using it to save energy and produce less heat.

    Run Prime95 and a CPU intensive program and it'll go to full speed.
  2. ur right it did go to full speed. I got worried becuz before it would always stay at the stock speed when i checked it. Thanks man
    and is 63 C normal on full load on prime95?
  3. Yep, that's fine. If you're running the stock cooler, those are very good temperatures.
    If you're running an aftermarket cooler, the temperatures are ok.
  4. thanks man ur awesome
    yea it is stock cooling :]
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