Will the HX520 have enough juice for my build?

I'm looking at a system specs of:
i5 720 2.66Ghz
ATI 5770 1GB
4GB DDR3 1600Mhz
P7P55D Mobo

Is it worth getting the HX620 for the overhead, or is that overkill as the 5000 series cards are far more efficient than ATI's previous series?

Thanks a lot for all responses
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  1. The HX520 should handle two 5770s OK.
    Im guessing you're going for just one with that P7P55D Mobo?
  2. You would want the P7P55D Pro if you want to run two 5770s in the future.
  3. Ok great, I'm not sure if I do if all honesty, I doubt it will be the case in the near future anyway

    Thanks a lot
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