DDR3 not running at proper speed?

I have 8GB of G. Skill RipJaw DDR3 1600 Dual Channel. I am using the AMD overdrive utility and when I look at my Memory clock speed it only says it is running at 667mhz and when I go to change the mhz the max it lets me choose is 800mhz. Am i missing something because my DDR3 memory should be runing at 1600mhz... plz Help me, im kinda bad at figuring these things out... :(
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  1. It should be running at 800 MHz. DDR runs at twice the frequency, therefore 2 x 800 = 1600.
  2. as above. its double pumped, so for every Cycle it gets two calculations. 800mhz means an effective 1600mhz speed.

    its also not uncommon fro RAM to be 'rated' at a certain speed, but to get it to run at that speed requires some overclocking/voltage tweaking.
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