Help Please Graphics Card trouble.

Okay this is what happened.
My pc got a blue screen of death (couldn't see which one pc shut down to fast.)
When I went to reboot the pc turns on but does not boot.
I started trouble shooting and put in a old 6800gt that I have around here and the pc fired right up.
So I went and bought a new 220gt and installed and the pc does not boot. I thoought it might be a bad factory card, and went back and exchanged the card. Still does not boot.

My system is fairly old.
win Xp pro 32 bit
Tyan tomcat k8e sli
pny xlr8 880gt 512 running in PCI express 16 (the 6800 is PCI epress also)

It makes no sense that the old card lets the system boot but not any of the new cards.

please help.
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  1. The first thing I would try is uninstalling your drivers and wiping them clean( ) then reinstall.
  2. What's the PSU like?
  3. And to add what jyjjy said,here is how to do a clean install(if you don't know)
    1_Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the current driver and restart after the finish
    2_Open driver sweeper and put a tick on Nvidia box and then click Clean and restart
    3_Install the new driver
  4. Did the pc boot without gfx card?
  5. Okay uninstalled all of the drivers and did a clean sweep as suggested.
    Neither the 8800gt or the 220gt work. but the old 6800gt works.
    This just dont make sence.

    And No the pc does not boot with out the cards gett MB beeps saying no video adapter.
  6. I would seriously look at that Power Supply!!!
    What are you system specs,psu,cpu,mobo,etc.
    The 8800gt uses alot more power than the 6800...
  7. Okay the specs are:
    CPU: AMD 4000+
    Mobo: Tyan Tomcat k8e sli
    PSU is a after market, cant remember the name 600 watt (about a year old).
  8. A severely compromised PSU that hasn't outright failed yet may limp on for a long time if kept under its broken limit. Try a new PSU. If the PSU is in trouble, it may happen that the next time you try to boot it will have the same effect on the older card, or it may take 6 months before outright failure.

    When that happens, if it isn't a decent quality unit, it may take a lot of your system with it. That would be reason alone for myself to prioritize crossing the PSU off the list of possible sources of the issue.
  9. Okay found the PSU box. its a rocketfish 700w.
    I will try a new PSU. I will update later.
  10. Rockfish are known to have issues inspite being able to be pushed beyond their rated limit.
  11. Okay installed a Corsair - 850W PSU and problem still exists.
    I am totally stumped. Bad Mobo?
  12. I still need help. Any more advice?
  13. It seems odd that a 6800 would fire up but a GT220 won't, I can understand an 8800GT that needed more power not working if the slot was damaged but I would have thought a GT220 would use around the same as a 6800, or less even, but as I do not know which pins are for what exactly in a PCIe slot I wouldn't rule out a dead pathway due to a dodgy PSU.
  14. Ya thats what i am thinking also. Well thanks for the help.
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