Darn, what have I gone and done now?

I thought I would switch the main hdd's controller from gsata to the ich10r to see if I could get a faster boot speed. While I was at it I unplugged all other hdds and optical drives from their sata connections as well. Now the computer hangs at verifying DMI pool data. I can't put the drives back cause I don't remember where they were.

I thought worst case scenario I could always get back to square 1 and reinstall OS. Am I wrong here? Does data persist on the motherboard even when I hit clear cmos? I unhooked ALL the hard drives and the thing is still trying to boot like normal after I clear the cmos settings.

Motherboard is a ga-x58a-ud5.
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  1. The OS knows where drives were attached before, and will try to use that information. If it finds drives moved around, it will recover by uninstalling and reinstalling.

    I assume that you have adjusted the bios to have your OS drive be the first boot drive on the ich10 controller. Also verify that you have not changed the sata mode from ide compatibility to AHCI or vice versa, since that is difficult to reverse, and a reinstall may be the easiest way to do it.
  2. hey thanks. It was a bios setting. It threw me for a loop cause I figured clearing the cmos would return the board to like it was before I installed it. So windows is to blame. I should have figured, thanks again.
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