Looking for a Borderlands build for a friend

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Around November 2nd BUDGET RANGE: As cheap as possible.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: As the topic implies, he wants to play Borderlands. Other than that, minor gaming and some web-surfing I assume.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, OS, Case (I need to figure out which he currently has, and will update when I do), and PSU


PARTS PREFERENCES: I would say the CPU should be Intel, but if it saves money, use whats cheap and reliable!

OVERCLOCKING: Unlikely SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Possibly further down the line, but again--cheaper is preferred.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1280x1024, I believe using a CRT.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Currently, he has a custom tower with an AMD Athlon XP 2800+, less than a gig of RAM, and a Geforce FX 5500 with 256mb onboard. If possible, he would like to buy as little as possible (and possibly just perform an upgrade). He told me he need or would like a new Motherboard, as his USB ports have started to fail and he is worried the entire thing will start to go soon. However, if it is possible to just get parts and upgrade, that would be greatly appreciated =)

Here are the system requirements I have found for Borderlands:

2.4GHz or equivalent processor
1GB RAM (2GB for Vista)
8x or faster DVD
8GB or more free space
256MB or higher graphics card
Windows compatible sound card
Windows compatible keyboard and mouse or 360 controller

2.4GHz or equivalent processor
8x or faster DVD
8GB or more free space
256MB or higher graphics card (Geforce 9 series or Radeon R700 series)
Windows compatible sound card

Supported Cards:
Geforce 200 series, Geforce 9 series, Geforce 8 series, Geforce 7 series
Radeon R600 series (HD2400-HD2900), Radeon R600 series (HD3000), Radeon R700 series (HD4000)

He has a power supply (425w), and a decent sized case. I put together a semi-cheap build, but I want to make sure everything will work together before purchase, obviously.

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  1. I would go AMD, better future upgrade path and better performance now for the money:



    I was going to suggest the X3 Athlon II but it would be another 35 bucks and for 1 game it really doesn't make sense. He needs to put more money into a better video card instead.

    Video card:


    There are several options on the video card that will work so you know, this isn't the only one but cost effective. It should handle his new game ok on med settings no problems...
  2. I'm trying to make an AMD build to see if I can save some money, but it's actually a bit more. Of course, the GPU seems a bit better in this case which is a plus:

  3. You listed the OEM version of the 240 which doesnt come with a cooler.

    AMD Athlon II X2 240 Retail + Sapphire Radeon HD 4650

    ASRock A780LM 760G AM2+/AM2

    Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) DR2 800mhz

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 160GB

    Same DVD drive

    Total = $262.95
  4. Wow, thanks for catching that! And a nice combo deal too.

    So far, this build is winning:




    *Update* Well, it appears the combo has ended, so for now just the list will work. I've re-added a CPU and GPU, and everything is roughly the same but a few dollars more. Please let me know if everything will work together OK, and if it will run Borderlands at least on decent settings. Thanks!
  5. I would suggest getting a motherboard that supports AM3 and maybe has ddr2/ddr3 support so you can go the full upgrade path to a much faster AM3 cpu and ddr3 later.

  6. If you are building this for your friend so that he can play borderlands, and you value your friendship with him, then you will not get a radeon card. Currently there is a massive problem with radeon 48XX users having their system hard lock every 5 minutes of playing about halfway through the game ( around rust commons east and krom's canyon). There is already 100+ post threads about it in gearbox forums, and i'm suffering from it.
    If the computer is for borderlands, stay away from radeon. Get a like-spec geforce version card. Trust me on this one.
  7. follow up link for proof in case you're still thinking of getting that card...
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