Update firmware on my m4 ssd


I'm trying to update my ssd firmware. In the guide from Crucial it says:

Change SATA mode to IDE mode
From BIOS Setup, change the SATA mode to IDE or Legacy mode or “compatibility mode.” The firmware update will not work in AHCI mode. Look for a parameter named “SATA Configuration”, or possibly “Integrated Peripherals”.

Now, in my BIOS I can't see these options.... I've got a MSI p7n motherboard.

Any thoughts on what the problem may be?
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  1. I usually upgrade to 512gb 128gb and 256gb all m4 ssds when it doesn't detect it i temporally set it to ahci in the bios, then try the update. this always works for me, hope it works for u.
  2. Don't know which P7N motherboard you have, but if you have a P7N SLI then there's no problem. That board has only IDE & RAID modes, so if you don't have a RAID array setup then you are already in IDE mode; no need for you to change anything.
  3. Yea all systems are different. This is a video on a m14x e actually upgraded this one with a Samsung SSD but the bios doesn't give me the raid option so it automatically detected it on my pc...so its fine.

    The systems i work on are like these. check it out.

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