Clean install of windows 7 trouble.

Hi there:) I have heard many good things about this site, after struggling to find an answer here i am :P

Anyway, I'm attempting to clean install windows 7 on my machine at the moment, but am having trouble getting it to install.
I backed up all my data to an external hard drive of course, and have 3 HDD in my machine. 2 are empty, the other has the old os on which i am using right now.
When i go to install i go from the disc and am able to choose which HDD to install too, i selected the same one XP was on at first and had the problem, and have since tried both other HDDs with the same result. It will install the windows files no problem and once its done that it will try and reboot, i presume it does this a couple of times during the process. Anyway it reboots and goes to the starting windows page with the new windows 7 logo. that goes through its animation for a couple of minutes and then freezes inexplicably..

Intel core 2 quad CPU
Ati Radeon HD 2900 xt
Asus P5n32- E SLI motherboard

running xp SP3.

I'm aware it could be a BIOS problem but am unsure about fiddling with these things, perhaps a dual boot of xp and 7?
any suggestions are welcome, I'd really like to get using 7 sometime soon :)

thanks in advance

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  1. Have you set DVD/CD as first Boot Device?
  2. So it freezes on the welcome screen? Give full specs please.
  3. Are you installing them on the Same Hard Drive? you should run Check Disk on the Hardrive. What are your Specs outside of what you posted?

    PS. I am having issues with windows 7 also.
  4. ok thanks for the reply guys :) here is a fuller version of my specs. bear with me, this custom built pc was kind of thrust upon me, i did not build it myself, as such i dont know a huge amount about the individual components.

    Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad Cpu Q6600 @2.40ghz
    times 4.

    Asus p5N32 E-SLI (standard) motherboard.
    2.0 GB of Ram(unsure what type it is, apologies)
    ATI radeon HD 2900 XT
    Hitachi HDP725050GLA SCSI disk device
    WDC WD15 00ADFD-00NLR SCSI disk device

    Atapi DVD-D DH166d2s SCSI cd rom device
    FgFx CDDVDx+tech-200x SCSI ced rom device.

    if you need any more system info shout and i'll find it out.

    Tried to boot from the disc using the startup menu but it froze again during install.
    it freezes at the same point everytime, i decided to leave it for an hour or two, when i returned to the computer a blue screen had appeared, it had shut itself down to protect windows. It basically crashed and the computer shut itself down to avoid damage i think.
  5. Where did the windows 7 discs come from? It could be a corrupt disc if you got it from a unreliable source.
  6. Na its a genuine copy of Windows 7 home premium, can't see that being a problem. My friend did some stuff with it about a year ago when it crashed. He set the default boot device to hard drive, i have tried using F8 to access the bios and change the default boot device to the cd however it won't let me access BIOs..
    I was also told to turn on SATA AhCI in BIOs, but i'm not really sure of the consequences etc etc.
  7. Try using the DELETE key to access BIOS. Beware there's a timing to getting into BIOS, you need to hit the key at the right time, fairly soon after boot starts. You can hit repeatedly to increase your success rate :)

    Did you run the Win7 Upgrade Advisor on the MS site, to see if your system should be okay for Win7?

    You have SCSI drives there, those might cause complications--dunno, just a thought. Good luck :)
  8. Got it sorted guys thankyou.

    just went into the bios and disabled most of the settings, its running like a charm now.
  9. Na, SATA drives get seen as SCSI all the time, especially in linux. If you game at all, upgrade that graphics and add some RAM. 2 gigs is plenty with XP but I was finding it to not be quite enough for gaming in Win7 RC.
  10. thestrap said:
    Got it sorted guys thankyou.

    just went into the bios and disabled most of the settings, its running like a charm now.

    What did you disable exactly. I having the same issue with the same motherboard as well....
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