Problem with computer ECS Ka3 Mvp

I freshly setup a system with new windowx xp did alot of downloads also tried to update bios on an ECS Ka3 Mvp mobo
So now i can't restart, everytime it tries to restart the system, it just freezes before the Mobo Logo appearance, just a black screen as though it had no signal. To get it to work i have to keep using this Top Hat Flash which i place over the ROM.

So what is the problem with the restart? I guess i could keep using this Top Hat Flash cause it works normal once i use it, just unable to restart. Updates still happen, saves and stuff like clock still normal.
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  1. Now i cant even get it to start properly
    I start the computer than it shuts off totally in a little bit
    as though it burnt out but once i unplug the computer to let it rest for a couple hours
    it works again only to do the same thing
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