How to? Formatting hard drive?

Just a quick question..

I'm building a new gaming computer, and I'd like to take the HD from my old one that is running win vista ultimate, completely erase everything, and put it in my new one for windows 7.

Is there a 'do it yourself' page out there that has step by step instructions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Simply install it in the new PC, and when you install Windows 7 you will have the option to erase the entire drive.
  2. Oh ok, I thought if I put it in my new pc, it would boot up Vista. Ty, this seems like it will be pretty easy.
  3. It'll try to boot up Vista if you just install the drive in the machine and turn it on. The trick is to install the hard drive into the machine, put the Windows 7 DVD into your DVD drive, and make sure that the machine boots from the DVD instead of the hard drive.

    Once the Windows 7 installation program starts to run, go into the Advanced options and tell it to delete the old Vista partition and create a new one before letting the install proceed.
  4. Thank you very much Phil and Smin
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