Lowering IOH temperature on MSI X58 Pro-E

Just finished my new rig with the following specs:
i7-930 2.80ghz
MSI X58 Pro-E
Cooler Master Hyper 212+

The CPU temperature is fine but my IOH was at high 60s to low 70s at idle (Celsius)

I placed a house fan at the north bridge and it did cool it down a bit but I am looking for a permanent solution to keep the IOH temperature down

After some research, I found out that the MSI X58 pro-e tends to run hot at the north bridge but I still want to lower the temp

I am using a Cooler Master 212+ heatsink and fan. What can I do for a permanent fix for IOH temperature?

Will using a high end TIM such as Arctic Silver significantly lower my IOH temp? I used the TIM that came with the Cooler Master. I'm pretty sure I did it right as I practiced a couple times before finally mounting it on.
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  1. Be aware north bridges are sometimes difficult to mount a proper cooling fan to them. Also be aware ambient temps also affect temps. I usually use larger fans with lower RPM's producing higher CFM with less noise. If you find you want to lower your temps on the north bridge more, you may want to consider water cooling as an alternative. Your temps are within specs, but how you apply thermal paste, mount the heatsink, install the fan, anmbient temps, will all affect lowering the IOH temp. Last but not least, make sure your power supply is adequate with proper CFM to pull heat away as well.
  2. My ambient temp is fine since my CPU temp is fine.

    I am expecting my IOH temp to be around 55c at idle. Is that a fine temperature for the northbridge?
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