How do I download my old hard drive datato my new computer

Power supply on my HP pavilion a705W got zapped. I also use a Compaq Presario SR1230nx. If I remove the HD from the HP is there a way to connect it to the Compaq to transfer the data (word/excel/etc)?
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  1. You should be able to use something like,

    There are loads of these types of items, and you could probably find one cheaper that's just the first one that came up in a quick search.
  2. tomatthe has suggested a simple converter that allows you to connect an IDE or SATA HDD as an external unit via USB, but woth no external HDD case so it's somewhat temporary. If you want to use it regularly as an external HDD, get a case that has an internal connection that matches the old HDD (either IDE or SATA, but not both in one external case).

    On the other hand, if you wish you can simply mount the old HDD inside the Compaq as an extra drive, PROVIDED you have a spare mobo port in the Compaq to connect to. If you do that, the old HDD can become a permanent part of the Compaq. If it happens that the HP's old HDD is IDE, you may have to adjust the jumper on it to make it either Master or Slave (Slave is more likely) on the IDE port you connect it to. If you seem short of mounting slots, remember that the slots for floppy drives also fit 3½" HDD's and you do NOT have to remove the front cover panel when you put an HDD in there. It also is possible to mount a 3½" HDD in an upper 5¼" slot if you use adapter rails to make it fit.
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