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Can someone please point out which of the dimensions I need to take into account when finding a CPU Cooler that will fit may case (Cooler Master CM 830 Stacker) I am trying to find the best cooler I can despite having high profile Corsair Vengeance RAM to fit my Gigabyte X58A-UD3r Motherboard Core i7 930 And also want to ensure that the fans on the case door will not be affected if possible.

Can ANYONE please shed some info on this, as it's proving REALLY FRUSTRATING!!

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  1. As i pointed out in one of your previous post.
    The cooler width(some makers list as Depth)will decide ram compatibility
    The wider the cooler the more it will hang over dimms.
    Base height also plays into ram compatibilty.
    Coolers with higher bases will sometimes clear tall ram kits(like G.Skills Ripjaws @41mm)
    Unfortunately Vengeance ram is 52mm tall and unlike Dominator kits you can't remove the fins.
    Your case is wide but you'll have to do all the measurements to see cooler height clearances regarding your side panel and fans.
    Be thankful you didn't buy Kingston HyperX T1(60mm tall)lol!
  2. Pliers can trim off any vengeance overspill :-)
  3. ^moto
  4. lol

    I'll +1 Moto as well :)
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