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Hello all,
I'm looking for graphics card especially for HD video playing on my linux box (mpeg4, xvid etc.). My CPU is rather slow (Core2duo 1,6 GHz, mobile CPU because of energy consumtion) and here is no chance to play a mpeg4 video in high resolution.

What graphics card do you suggest for my use? ATI HD 4350 is the best power/price solution, but I'm not able to find any video-acceleration support (Like VDPAU for Nvidia) in mplayer, totem etc.

Are card from ATI somehow supported? Do anybody has an experience with it?

Many thanks

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  1. I've never tried to force GPU acceleration through CCC as I think its pretty clunky (also not sure its supported) and my attempts to force 8x AA met with pretty consistent failure across almost all applications. But using VLC and changing display settings in that worked well. That was in Linux Mint. Using Sabayon Linux worked out of the box with my 4850, but in both getting Vsync working was always a pain.

    Good Luck with your search, I understand preference plays a huge part in what you run.
  2. Thank you for the reply.

    I did not find anything, so I bought this ATI HD4350 card. And... it is not working. No vlc, nor mplayer support (because of documentation lack).

    Anyway, compiz is working great with Catalyst 9.10...
  3. You're welcome.

    Try out that distro of linux, Ive had great success with it in terms of video acceleration, drivers, etc. Plus I like Gentoo :)
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