Graphic cards on intel motherboards dg965ry

which graphic card is suitable for dg965 ry mobo with 2gb ddr2 ram and 2.2 ghz c2duo intel cpu
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  1. Any card should work fine,what is your budget ? and the resolution/games you play ?
  2. does Radeon HD 5670 good for this configuration???
  3. PLS dun get 5000 series cards or any PCI 2.1 cards,
    although some acticle said is backward compatible,
    but i tried to install 5750 on D915gev, it cant work.
    i install 4870 and 9800gtx+, both of the card run well for me :)
    P4 3.0 HT Presscott
    4G DDR2 800
    1TB seagate 7200.12 (win 7 64)
    80G maxtor (win xp pro sp3 32bit)
    CM GX-550

    U can try to get 4870, if u got the budget, or 4770,
    i think both of this card are great for u.
    what kind of ur power supply u use also important,
    maybe post ur PSU model, let people check for u
    Is that your motherboard?
    It has PCIE slot gen 2.0, so any card should work fine, just make sure you have enough power on PSU... :)
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