Thermalright ultra 120 on ASUS TA-D11

Will i be able to put the cooler ultra 120 in this case,or is my ,mid tower too small?
Also which one does make the difference in degrees?
The true black or ultra 120,or other at almos the same price?
Suggest me please!
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  1. I can't give you a guarantee but I use all mid tower cases and have the Ultra 120 in a couple without major issues.

    As I recall I had to remove a fan shroud off of the PC case side cover in order to maintain clearance but once that was done there was room to spare.

    Though cases do differ a bit the area affected by the height of the Ultra 120 has to be quite similar due to the standard widths of drive bays.

    I don't have a TRUE Black to compare performance with but I tend to think that if the price were almost the same I'd perhaps try one but other than that the Ultra 120 should suffice.
  2. thanks man!
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