Raid 1 using SSD with HDD

I've never done RAID before, so pardon if this is a silly question.

After having a lot of problems with my OCZ Vertex 2 SSD, I want to be prepared going forward. Is it possible to RAID 1 my OCZ Vertex with a spare HDD I have kicking around? If my OCZ fails (which I am 100% confident it will do again) I want to be able to continue on my other drive while restoring the SSD (or killing it with fire).
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  1. The drives used for RAID must be identical for best performance.

    More info here:
    and here:
  2. I'm sure it's technically possible, but it's a bad idea because of the drastic differences in the drivers and mechanisms. Just set up a daily automatic backup. Windows 7 has the feature built in.
  3. I'll second dans' comment: run a backup of your system daily, and establish restore points in case of failure. RAIDing a SSD to a HDD will slow down the SSD with all the writing to the HDD, and may cause a premature failure.
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