GA-EX58-UD5 and 12gb 1666mhz ram

Hello all,

I am trying to build a setup.

I currently have I7 quad core intel processor, I am going to have GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard with default fans and cooling systems.

I have bought already 12gb (6x2gb) of 1600mhz Kingston hyperx rams.

I have now read from google that there might be some problems in trying to run 12gb 1600mhz ram in this motherboard.

I dont want to overclock my processor because I am just using a normal fan that came with the computer.

So my question is that what is the best settings for me to put in BIOS to get my ram in usage? I want a safe, stable and longtime solution for this so that there is no danger in me destroying my computer.

Should I run the memory in 1333mhz instead or what should i do? Or should I only put 6gb ram into my computer?
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  1. Probably want to start by downloading the two GB X58 tuning guides mentioned toward the top of the 'sticky'...
  2. Sorry about that, I have already read the guides but the problem is that because I dont really understand much about computers, the language used in the guides is hard to follow and understand so I feel a bit lost..
  3. Well, my first recommendation would be the fan business - if you're going to try to run 6 DIMMS at 1600, we will be overclocking/overvolting the memory controller at least, which 'lives on' the CPU... You don't need to spend a fortune on the 'latest and greatest' cooler; the well-kept secret is that any aftermarket fan, even the cheapest, will provide two or three times the capacity of the original Intel. I can likely 'walk you through' the setup - but, may take a few experiments (none of them, I promise, hazardous to your equipment) as I don't yet see i7 boards I'm willing to invest in - I take an odd view of this stuff, I look at 'life-cycle' costs - which include those weekly BIOS/USB3/SATA3 updates! [:lectrocrew:7]

    Also, seems a waste to not OC an i7 at all - so much potential! [:bilbat:1]
  4. Here's a good example - under $25 shipping included...
    Trust me - you'll barely, if at all, notice fast memory; you will immediately see the difference in a mild, easy-on-the-hardware OC!!
  5. Thank you very much for your help, this is a bit early as I have not yet installed the new motherboard (will do so in the next few days) but I am definatelly going to need your help. I will look into that fan.

    Just one thing that I dont see a need for running the memory in 1600mhz necessarily, I could see that probably running the memory at 1050mhz or 1333mhz should be fast enough for me (what i have read is that there is not that much noticable difference anyway..? )

    Anyway, help very much appreciated and i will get back into this as soon as I have my motherboard installed soon.. =)
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