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Hi , I have a Compaq 5000 has a 06E4h Board and 786K1 10/1/2000 release Bios, my problem is I installed Ubuntu and lost all onboard sound. After many attempts to fix I wiped Hard Drive and reinstalled XP Pro still no sound from Soundblaster on board sound. Next I bought sound card and disabled on board in bios and installed PCI soundcard. No help system won't even find the card!!? ANy ideas, SHould I upgrade the Bios as I see that is available?

Processor 900 AMD Athlon
128 kb primary
256 sec
Board 06E4h
Bus 100 mgh
Bios Compaq 786K1 10/12/2000
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  1. You need to use the soundcard cd to install the drivers. And then check the device manager. Control panel>system>hardware>device manager. If you see any marks next to the sound devices, this means the driver isn't loaded. Uninstall all devices with a mark next to them, place the soundcard cd in your cd drive, reboot and let windows find and reinstall the sound drivers. And the correct port for connecting speakers is the lime green one.
  2. I did give it a try but nothing do you know anything about the BIOS setting for Sound should it be disabled regardless if using sound card?
  3. check for a disable onboard sound setting in the bios.
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