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My motherboard, Asus P5Q SE2, apparently reduces my RAM speed from 800 mhz to 600 mhz (or thereabouts). I read this on the info booklet that came with the mobo. I have 2 GB RAM, 'HyperX' from Kingston and it uses CL4 which on the mobo booklet says reduces the speed as mentioned above. It says it can be manually configured though.

So I'm wondering how do I go about correcting my RAM? I read about this before and got a bit confused, something about the RAM timings.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Well you can go to the BIOS,and go for your Memory options(i think its called AI tweaker)and set your RAM's timings and speeds manually there
  2. Overclocking RAM on a Core2 system will yield little actual performance increase.

    Some of us discuss that here:

    Overclocking the CPU, however, can result in a sizable increase in performance.
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