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I have not been able to find any really discriptive guides/vids/posts on where a radiator could be mounted in the Silverstone RV01. This does not include the 1 exhaust port on the top of the case. Any help would be appreciated, as I am looking upgrade my build upon the release of the I7-3770k.

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  1. I think the RV01 is a bit different from RV02. I'll look into it during my next class (who pays attention in linear circuits anyways? ;))
  2. Ok took a look at it and I'm throughly lost as to where the 2x180mm fans are at the bottom of the case. It seems like there isn't any real room in the case for a decent size rad, so you may have to look at external options.

    It should be a big case but the pictures make it look so small :/
  3. The case is huge, but the layout is crap. The board is turned 90 degrees (MB connections on top of the case). The 2 180mm fans are 1. under the HDDs bay, and the other is under the GPU/above the PSU. There is 1 single exhuast port on the top near the MB outputs (120mm). I have air cooled this case for 2+ years, but with the release of the Ivy Bridge Immenant, I want to achieve 5+ghz, not possible on air. May look into getting a new case if need be.
  4. If you remove the two 180mm fans and do some cutting you can mount a quad radiator down there, go to google and search "RV-01 Bloodrage" There is a guy on extreme pc that did a mod of the RV01
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