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Hello, I bought an ssd two days ago and I have a problem with my hdd. I had two partitions on my hdd, one for windows and one for storage of my files. So when the ssd came I wanted to merge those two partitions to become one. I tried to do this using gparted from ubuntu linux. However, while my pc was doing this procedure something went wrong with my ups and so it switched off suddenly, switching off the pc too. So, the merging was interuppted. This has turned my hdd into a mess. The problem seemed to be with the file system and so I run a file system check from ubuntu and windows. It corrected/deleted many indexes and a lot of work seemed to be done to the hdd, but the problem was not corrected. After the file system check the hdd seems to be ok, but it's not. The files are corrupted or mixed up. For example, if I open some movies, they seem to be composed of tracks (tracks that I normally have in my music). Also, if I open some tracks, they seem to be other tracks and not the ones I opened. And of course many files are corrupted. But most of the files are still in the hdd, as they were before the whole situation.
What can I do now? I have files in my hdd that I need.
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  1. Never mess with partitions without having a backup first!!! Losing power surely corrupted tons of files along with the partition information. Trying to do a repair probably made it even worse. At this point, I think your odds of getting anything back is almost none.

    I'd slave the drive and try to recover whatever files you have left, which probably won't be many.

    You can try partition recover software, but I think from here on it's just going to get more messy.
  2. And what am I going to do with this software?
  3. The problem is that my partition still exists. It was not deleted.

    EDIT: And of course the partition recovery wizard finds no partitions.
    I have access to the partition but the files are messed up.
  4. At this point, I don't think there is any way to repair the files, unless you have made backups of them previously.
  5. Isn't there a way to repair the hdd?
  6. Doubtful, but you can wait to hear from others. The drive is phsically ok. The data structure is corrupt. Files aren't always stored sequentially on the drive, thus it must know each track and sector the file resides on. If this information is gone or corrupt, parts of the file will be missing and/or combined with parts of a different file.

    Your power outage left the drive structure in an incomplete state. I don't think any recovery software can guess as to what the original state was.
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