EVGA 7600 GT with popped capacitors

To make a long story short, I have a computer I built a little over 2 years ago with a EVGA 7600 GT vid card, about 3 monthes ago it went black screen and gave the video display bios beep (1 long and 3 short), I checked the video card and found 5 bad capacitors. Anyways I did a bunch of research and found out the EVGA 7600 GT's are notorious for blowing capacitors. So my question is if i replace the video card since its out of warranty with a new one, will I encounter any other problems? Or will everything boot up fine? I checked over everything else and power supply, motherboard, and memory seems to be fine. Thanks for any info.

comp specs:
M2N-SLI deluxe MOBO
AMD 4600+ cpu
2-1GB Kingston mem
80GB western Digital HD
EVGA 7600 GT vid card
Thermaltake 430w PS
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  1. Yea I would just replace the card. A 4650 would be a great upgrade.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i found a PNY 8600 GTS for $30, didnt want to go to expensive atm, but if any comments on the card are appreciated.
  3. $30 isn't to bad for a G84 GTS just make sure it stays cool and is regularly clean of dust from the cooler.
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