How to overclock on an ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU mobo with an Intel DC E6300

Hi, I've done some basic reading on overclocking.

Found out that I can use ASUS AI Suite for overclocking my processor through one of the programs called AI Booster. But it doesn't work alone, says it'll only run from the Suite but when I try to do that it doesn't show me any option to run AI Booster from the Suite.

I tried to do some overclocking from the BIOS using one of the given options (5% overclock) and my PC wouldn't start. So I had to turn it off for a while and back on.

How do I overclock my Intel Dual Core E6300 2.8 GHz on an ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU motherboard ?

Also, if anyone can give me any ideas as to how I can get a minimum of 30 FPS in GTA IV so I can at least play it in peace. I've heard its a CPU heavy game and my guess is I may benefit from overclocking my CPU, but would getting some more RAM help the FPS ? (I currently have only 2 GB DDR 2 RAM.)

Thanks a bunch folks !
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  1. What you really need is a dedicated GPU and new PSU to be able to run that. And do manual overclocks in the BIOS if your going to do one there is a sticky on how to do that on this forum. Though that won't help you as it looks like your using a integrated GPU and you really need more power in that department so a dedicated GPU is required if you want to run that game.

    Off hand I don't remember the exact specs but I ran the game for 30min or so on my machine which is a e2180 OC to 3ghz and a 320mb 8800gts card, ran fine from what I remember. Also had 2gb ran back than too. I wouldn't recommend putting that much money into your machine as the CPU will bottleneck your GPU if you buy a new high end card. I personally cap myself at 100-150 tops for a card. Probably more in the $100 range, and than buy a QUALITY PSU, don't buy a cheap one to run it all.
  2. Forgive me but I was expecting the signature column that shows at the bottom of each person's post - which shows a person's computer's specs. It isn't showing.

    I do have a dedicated graphics card. I have a Radeon 6850 which I understand is an extremely fast card and probably a few categories above my other hardware. I also have a good power supply - an OCZ 600 W ModXstream.

    I think thats the only reason I'm able to get around 30 FPS but because they keep going below the average, the gameplay doesn't remain smooth. If I turn off most features the game doesn't look as good. But I think some people have got a decent 40 FPS with some overclocking and I was wondering how to do that.

    Also, I thought I had already updated my BIOS but maybe because I had to re-install my operating system, the BIOS had to be re-updated. So only now do I have the latest BIOS. And I think I know how to start with the overclocking.

    I do need a better understanding of the base frequency and how it is related to the RAM frequency and how it all works together. And as a result I need help finding out what exactly I should do to overclock my CPU as much as I can with the stock cooler etc.
    The whole procedure step by step in an organized way - what I should do first (change the base frequency and leave the ratio, multiplier and anything else alone or some other way etc).
    I'll look for the sticky. Hopefully that helps.

    Thanks mate !
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