Marvell Storage Utility or Marvell Boot Utility

I just bought Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard.
I wanted to setup RAID 1
I am confused between different option and ways to setup RAID

What is the difference between Marvell Storage Utility and Marvell Boot Utility
Via which method should i setup the RAID.
Also in ASUS BIOS there is "Asus Drive Expert"
Now is thhat third utility to setup RAID?

In windows 7 i installed Marvell Storage Utility, that also allows me to Create RAID.

Also in Motherboard Manual and in BIOS setup, it says if i want to RAID then set SATA as RAID MODE (not AHCI or IDE mode)
So it this forth method to setup RAID

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  1. I have the same Motherboard with a RAID1. Easily the best way is to set your SATA mode to RAID mode and then set up a RAID. You plug your drives into the SATA ports on the Intel controller (not the Marvell controller) and then in the bios change the SATA mode to RAID mode and enable the SATA ports that have your drives in them. Then as the computer boots up and before the bios press <ctrl>+i and it should bring up a utility to set up a RAID. From there it's easy enough to set up.
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