CPU 100% While playing a game after overclocking gpu (Dell Studio 1558

I am a new user at this forum but I have a few problems I want to bring out. I have recently overclocked my ATI HD 5470 to 825 and 1025 recently. Ever since while I'm playing a game (MW3), the cpu goes all the way up to 100%. Is there a problem? How do I overclock my cpu? Most of my friends use the same model like my computer also, but after they overclock up to 825 and 1025, they run MW3 Super fine. I cleaned my fan just 2 weeks ago, shouldnt be a problem. I also want to overclock my cpu.

full Specs :

Dell Studio 1558
Intel i5 520M
4GB DDR3 Ram
ATI Radeon HD 5470 1GB

Please help!
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  1. CPU usage at 100% is completely normal, especially considering your CPU is a HT dual-core. I wouldn't recommend overclocking you CPU (nor you VGA), since it's a notebook. Mobile platforms have limited thermal envelope, and are built with strict power limitations, pushing them above specifications will most certainly cause you problems. If you aren't getting enough frames, look for software optimizations first, then if it's not enough, consider pushing the hardware.

    Look on MW3 forums for graphical configurations that will improve your performance. In my experience, software tuning is much more likely to have a notable impact on performance than overclocking.

  2. 100% ?

    It was 50% before I overclock the gpu
  3. BUMP!
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