Case-Fans for Corsair 600T @ ~30dB


i've considered to exchange my stock case fans on my Corsair 600t white edition, since the front 200mm fan is making a whiny noise. i've been looking arround quite a bit for new fans, but can't seem to find some proper.
now i'm asking the community to help me find some nice quiet fans.

when i'm changing the front 200mm i would also like to change the top 200mm for maybe 2x120mm instead.

Have a nice day :)
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  1. i just found out, that the preinstalled fans are 200x200x20mm. the 200mm fans you provide are 30mm thick. :/

    but the 120mm noctua fans would go great with my NH-14D. :D

    a quick look at newegg shows, that they do have 20mm thick 200mm fans. but they all mount as exhaust fans(why??).
    seems i need to get one of those and make some makeshift intake-fans of them..
  2. i've just remembered a new fan manufacturer and looked up their fans.
    Bitfenix spectre pro
    an incredible 148.72 CFM!! but a bit on the loud side. 27,5 dB
    but this one is 25mm thick.. i need to find out if my case can fit those extra 5mm in the front.

    and this one

    Bitfenix spectre
    this one is exactly 20mm thick and would fit my case i think ^^
    but only has 47.4CFM but much quieter then the spectre pro. <20dB
  3. If you don't have buy an fan controller and with that you can controll the RPM of the fans.Those fans look good.
  4. Xigmatek XLF-F2004 200mm White led.800rpm=as you've found out the mounting needs to be modified for intake.
    Enermax T.B. SILENCE FAN 120MM
    Whatever you do don't buy a 200mm NZXT = proprietory mounting.
    I think you should go for one of the BitFenix 200mm = the PRO at 27.5db is quiet.
    Anything up to 30db is considered quiet.
    20db and under is silent.
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