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Hello, i'm having some trouble with my memory.
My MB is MA790FXTUD5
I purchased a Corsair XMS 3 1600mhz cl7 2x2gb kit (CMX4GX3M2A1600C7)
If i try to set the timings any lower than 8, it wont boot!
It was supposed to be 7-8-7-20 i think..i cal only use 8-8-8-20
In M.I.B. in the SPD collumn it shows timings of 9... 8 works but it should work on 7 for the CAS and tRP
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  1. DL & run this:
    MemSet 4.1
    capture and post both the mains screen, and the one that pops up when you click on the 'SPD' button, & post both - will try to help...

    Tutorial on capturing & posting images...
  2. I tried to run the program and it says it's only for MB's with integrated memory controller and points to CPU-tweaker, i will try that one but i found it's actualy even worse.. even at 8 and 9 latencies the system is unstable! Now it's running at 9-9-9-24 1300 mhz ><

    Pics from CPU-Tweaker:

    I i think i just discovered i am a retard and i didn't look at MB set it default to 1.5 and mem should work at 1.65... i'll try set voltage up and set better timings :D

    Thanks alot!
  3. [:lorbat:6] I'm sorry - I pointed you (and someone else [:lorbat:6] !) at the wrong program - usually recommend MemSet for Intel 775 boards, 'Tweaker' for everything else...) But, you see the premise - they allow you to see as much of the SPD as you're gonna get a look at, and allow you to compare your actual setup to what the board has 'gone and done'. CPU-Z, and others, will 'show you' the SPD data, but, unfortunately, not really a lot of it - there is one more: url=]SPD_Tool, but you have to be damned careful with it, as it's capable of 'overwriting' an SPD; and gives all the values in 'raw' nanoseconds, so requires a bit of math...
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