Who can fix my motherboard

i have an abit in9 32xmax motherboard.it starts up fine .but swithces off with error 8.e showing .bios has been cleared and the cpu fan is brand new.i beleive this is to do with the cpu fan ..any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. If the cpu fan is the problem, then it's probably a pressure issue with the motherboard. Loosen the hold down mechanism and leave the heatsink on top of the cpu. Try posting again for a few seconds; if it doesn't shutdown on it's own, shut it down yourself to prevent the cpu from overheating. You may need to remove the cpu, clean it, and install the heatsink again with fresh thermal paste. You don't need much; a single drop will work fine. I use a single edge razor blade to spread it evenly. I often install the heatsink outside of the case on the bag the board came in. If the problem persists, then a different heatsink may be required; one that doesn't require as much pressure to lock down.
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