I7 build for AVID - advice needed

Hi, I'm new around here. My name is gabriel. I need help to build a pc for video editing in hd with Avid Media Composer.
I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the prices are different (everything is more expensive) so don't worry about them.

This is what I've been thinking on buying.

Core i7 920

Asus P6T or P6T Deluxe V2? There's a 100U$S difference.

3x2gb 1333 or 1600 or 2000mhz? There's about 20-30 U$S between models

Quadro FX580
(the Fx1800 it's way over my budget here in buenos aires)

WD Black 7200rpm
1 x 320gb - system
1 x 320 gb - personal files, music, movies, download
2 x 640gb - video editing

I'll be buying in a week or two. I have to buy all the other components, but this are the main ones. I am missing something? My budget is limited, more or less, to those components. I mainly wan't to know if this pc will work out for avid.
I won't be doing much 1080p editing in the beggining.

That's it.
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  1. DDR3-1600 should be fine.
    You need a DVD-RW, case and power supply, unless you have them.
    That setup should be fine.
  2. For what your needs are just get the P6T. You probably won't be using all the extra features that come with the P6T deluxe, which is not much. Just more power phases and an external overclocking screen and little bit better heat sinks to help vent out the north bridge. But if you plan on doing some hard core overclocking, get the Deluxe.

    There's also a P6T SE model which is almost the same as the P6T but only does Crossfire. That's about $20 cheaper.
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