Nv4_disp error GeForce 9800gt 1gb sparkle- HELP ! ! !

Hi , I've got fallowing problem with my GeForce 9800gt 1gb sparkle Graphic card:
while loading GTA4 game screen freezes and I'm getting blue screen with nv4_disp error or the fallowing window and safe mode: Windows-Display Driver Stopped Responding......(please note that the game works Good while playing ,the screen freez only while loading)
Also when running "google earth" while zooming in or out , or spinning the earth the display is freezing every 1-2 seconds and screen is flashing, afrer short time I'm getting fallowing massage:NVIDIA OpenGL Driver : Too many errors accured.....


I've already tryied to uninstal drivers on safe mode using driver sweaper, instal other drivers , even format HDD and make a fresh instalation of win. Nothing WORKS :(((
thats my PC spec:
Win XP pro.32bit (genuine)
CPU intel E5200 2x 2,5GHz
Asus P5KPL/1600
4 gb ram
GeForce 9800 gt 1gb
PS-650 W

Please note that this card doesn't have extra socked to connect PS.(4 pin)

Please have look at the fallowing pictures. Thanx

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  1. Reinstall with the latest drivers and don't overclock yet.
  2. I did it many times ,I've instaled latest drivers from sparkle and Nvidia web but same thing happend :( I didn't try to overclock it too.
    Any other ideas ?? Thanx.
  3. U may be sitting on a busted card....dont panic just yet....try out nforce4max's suggestions....Check ur PSU for stable power......run memtest86+ to check d ram......Try workin with a single stick of ram just 2 check if there is faulty ram....
  4. Is it crashing before or after a game that if it is running properly at boot up?
  5. well, I dont think that the card is faulty, simpely because sometimes I'm able to go succesfuly through the game loading and then the game is working OK , On max spec. I was also running banchmark and it also works fine, I gues is it was faulty it wouldnt work at all. Also please look at this video, I'm getting same kind of "interference"time to time running "google earth" As I said before ,it's random, sometimes is ok but most of the time I'm gettimg error :( Thanx for help.
  6. any ideas ???
  7. bump
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