How can I update my Bios when I can't open Windows?

I have an Asrock 775Dual-VSTA motherboard. Has worked very well till today. I have the "Blue Screen" saying my "system is not fully ACPI compliant and I need to upgrade my bios".
Asrock only has a windows upgrade....How can I update my Bios when I can't open Windows?
Any suggestions?
Doc Barkley
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  1. You may just need to change one of the bios settings and reinstall windows. You may find a setting for ACPI in the bios. If not, read the instructions for flashing the bios using dos; you can get a floppy drive for around $10. Asrock gives you 2 bios options using either dos or windows. I don't find any windows 7 drivers for this board, but often the 7 drivers will work with the old vista drivers.
  2. In the bios, there will be an entry, inviting you to set the SATA mode. The choices will be IDE compatibility, AHCI, or raid(which is a superset of AHCI) If your OS was installed with AHCI and the bios says IDE, then the OS has the wrong drivers to boot. The reverse is true also. Either change the bios setting, or reinstall the OS.
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