Is my bios or motherboard dead?

There is nothing on the screen. The bios will not load at all and I have tried to clear it. I am not sure what the problem is. It is an asus striker extreme with a Q6600 on it. I have disconnected everything. how do i know what the problem is? the processor mb or bios? The lights on the motherboard seem to show that everything is working.


ok, so I tried unplugging all the connected hardware (ie HD, mouse, memory (I have 2 different types that i tried seperate), graphics card. My PSU appears to be working fine due to the sounds of HD, Graphics card, and lights from motherboard. My computer did run for 2yrs with out a problem. I did replace the CMOS battery recently (same size and 2032 3v). I checked to make sure my mobo was not touching the chassis or anything else that could be grounding it! Any help would be great. I am going to try a new mobo because I see nothing from the bios. I did touch it with a magnetic screw driver... Would that effect a bios?


I loaded up the computer with the processor, 1 memory stick, and the 'speaker' section of the bios plugged into the 'speaker' part of the motherboard. I do not hear any beeps from the POST. Any good replacements?

full specs:
Asus Striker Extreme
Q6600 g0
Corsair dominator 1gb
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  1. Either the case speaker lead or a separate speaker are required to get any beep codes from the board. I use a tiny speaker with 4 pin lead, with only 2 wires, one on each end. A new board is a good idea; look for a cheaper model. I have good luck with msi or biostar boards, which cost less then asus. Can't recommend a specific model unless I have a link to your vender. I use newegg for customer reviews, but even they are reducing their inventory of 775 boards.
  2. replaced mobo and it works fine
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