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Okay, I have quite a few DVDs around my house and I would like to get a nice free DVD ripping program. I would like this program to have the ability to read/write at speeds of 2x - 40x. I would also like the same kind of program for audio, however I would like a converter built in as well. I would like them both to be free, any suggestions?
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    Google? :D

    OK, for DVDs you can use Fair Use Wizard.
  2. This site don't support violation of copy right protected content
  3. Just to clear, Leon2006 is absolutely correct. The link I provided SHOULD NOT be used in violation of your local laws. For example, if you are in the US then you can only legally use it to make a backup copy of a DVD for your own personal use, and you cannot give the copy away, send it with your child when they leave for college, etc.
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