Is my Graphic card failing?

Recently I have noticed an increased number of green/red pixels popping up on my screen. ( they are very easily seen against dark backgrounds but almost invisible against white ones).

these dots are not visible if I take an screenshot!

I use a dual screen system and these are visible on both dispalys including a brand new 32 inch.

and I doubt its to do with any program because my startup DOS screen is almost like a christmass tree.

I have also checked the overheating but the dots occure when I turn my pc on in the morning.

My GFX is a Geforce 7900 GS which i have been using a for a good 4/5 years now I think.

I am just looking for some insight with anyone experiencing simillar issues and can help me resolve this issue. also is there a possibility CPU or connections causing the issue?
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  1. Just to make sure both your displays have no issues, have you tried using both of them with another computer?
  2. how to know whether my graphic card is working or not
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