Intel E7205 Quiet Sound Issue ~ Incorrect Drivers?

So, I can't figure it out. Intel's website says it's AC'97. So, I get RealTek 4.06 and nothing. It's like, silent as a whisper.

Now, I can't answer many questions, because this is my mom's computer and I've been playing techie for the last 45 mins on the phone and all failed, so I figured I'd ask the TH community what the general consensus was.

Anyways, I hope we can resolve this one, seems as though I can't.
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  1. Go into the windows control panel. Select "system">hardware>device manager. See if any devices have a mark next to them. This means the device driver isn't working. If you have a driver cd for your soundcard, load it into the cd/dvd drive. Then uninstall all the devices with a mark next to them. Reboot the system, and let windows load the sound drivers off the driver cd. That should get you some sound. And the correct port is the lime green one for connecting speakers.
  2. Been there, done that.

    The reason I listed the mobo driver is because the audio is onboard and we don't have original software for it.

    I went to her house today, and it's not super quiet, but it should be louder than it is, it's just low volume.

    Looking at the mobo it's a Gigabyte, forget the model number, but I noticed when looking at specs online what sound chipset was in there, dled it and unfortunately, system error in the middle every time I tried to install. Looking back, I forgot to uninstall the drivers first, which could and probably does have something to do with it.

    I recently acquired a new soundcard, so I'm gonna give my old pci to my mom and install that in the hopes that it works.

    Does anyone know of any sound amplifier programs on freeware? I looked and couldn't find any. The only external amp I have is a 200w poweramp and that would cook her little pc speakers.
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