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hi all i would like to ask u guys out there on wat graphics card i can possibly get with my current system specs. its an acer aspire e560 :

intel core 2 duo E6400 2.13ghz
win 7 ultimate 32bit
acer e415sm motherboard (acc to cpu-z)
2 gb ram
ati x1550 graphics card 128mb (with some hypermemory capability)
liteon ps-6301-08a 300W PSU

atm with this setup more current games tat i tried like gta 4, assassins creed and re5 either lag badly or got some texture glitch issue tat restricts playing. so im hoping to get a card tat can actually run such games with stable framerate.

and assuming i dont wish to change the psu, wat graphics card am i limited to? im just hoping to hold out until i can save up enough for a new system. and im guessing my budget is abt 100-200 dollars more or less.

thx in advance. :)

er sry..but the 100-200 dollars would be singapore dollars
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  1. with a 300w? You are better off saving your cash for a new system. Or be willing to buy a new PSU to accommodate a new card. It isn't worth getting a lowend card to fit your PSU if you plan to build new.
  2. yea but i dont think ill be getting a new system anytime soon.
    so most probably ill be sticking to this system for quite some time yet.
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