HELP !! I need help overclocking a intel i5 2500k to 4.5GHZ -PLEASE RE

Hello, I need help overclocking a Intel i5 2500K to 4.5ghz in which I have tried to do for the past MONTH ! I have a arctic freezer pro 7 rev 2 and my motherboard is a Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 and I have looked at every guide possible on every forum possible and each time i try to overclock it to 4.5ghz it either doesn't post to windows and fails to even boot and when it does get to windows i get a blue screen error. Please I would appreciate if someone could help me out like now instead of giving me a link to a guide which I have tried for like the 100th time with failure. I have heard these are like extremely easy to overclock but mined just doesn't seem to do that, Gigabyte are weird as their is different names for things in BIOS compared to other motherboards.
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  1. Some 2500Ks will run 45x at 1.325v and some at 1.310v, and that's generally with a fixed CPU voltage, however that also depends on which overclocking route you've been attempting to take, meaning what you are enabling and disabling in your overclocking attempts.

    None of us are mind readers here even though that would be very helpful when there is so much missing information regarding what your overclock approach is.
  2. yea, one interesting piece of information would be - how high have you gotten it so far? or you haven't successfully oc'ed it at all? you just picked 4.5ghz as a nice number or what?
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